Words and Music with Kelly Hogan

Words and Music with Kelly Hogan

Date: 5/13/2018
Time: 3 PM to 5 PM

EXCLUSIVE Words and Music with Kelly Hogan Proudly presented to you by the Ed Paschke Art Center!

Words And Music features an intimate solo concert from some of Chicago and the worlds' most compelling musicians in a unique conversational setting between Nicholas Tremulis and the featured performer, Kelly Hogan. The audience gets to hear an exceptional concert while experiencing a rare interview between two insiders on living, loving and surviving a life in music through a live musical biography.

 Kelly Hogan is a beloved figure throughout the contemporary music landscape, and a multi-faceted artist whose warm southern persona and powerful voice have left their mark on countless recordings and live performances.  She was recently touted “a national treasure” by colleague, friend, and former Chicago neighbor, Andrew Bird, while acclaimed singer-songwriter M. Ward simple states, “Kelly Hogan rules.”

 Hogan is the consummate "singer’s singer" who has fronted a succession of highly influential bands. She has also collaborated with a list of prominent artists in a role she proudly describes as “the noble sideman.” Hogan's body of work and her considerable interpretive skills harken back to an era when a talent for personalizing the work of songwriters was a revered art form. “I love covering other people’s songs,” she explains. “To me it’s like putting on some incredible thrift store jacket and making it into something new. Sometimes you can find lovely stuff in the pockets of the song that no one has heard before.” (www.anti.com/press/kelly-hogan-bio-2012)

Please join us Sunday, May 13th at 3pm for this incredible Words and Music event brought to you by the Ed Paschke Art Center.

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