Journey to Art: Ed Paschke and Zhou Brothers

Journey to Art: Ed Paschke and Zhou Brothers

Date: 6/21/2015 - 7/19/2015

The Ed Paschke Art Center together with the Zhou B Art Center presents the ambitious cross-town, cross-cultural artistic exchange Journey to Art: Ed Paschke and Zhou Brothers.

This multi-venue, multi-disciplinary set of art exhibitions will open the weekend of June 19 - 21, 2015.

Journey to Art: Ed Paschke, an exhibition comprised of Ed Paschke oil on linen paintings culled from the Ed Paschke Art Center's permanent collection holdings will be given pride of place in the ground floor gallery typically reserved exclusively for the Zhou Brothers own artwork. The opening night celebration will run concurrently with the Zhou B Art Center's popular monthly Third Friday open studios, which anchor the Bridgeport art scene, opening Friday, June 19, 2015 and running through August 2, 2015.

Across town, in Jefferson Park, the Ed Paschke Art Center will de-install their permanent collection gallery and devote it to Journey to Art: Zhou Brothers, an exhibition of the Zhou Brother's masterwork paintings from the 80’s – 2000’s, along with Zhou Brothers colossal sculptures installed adjacent to EPAC, opening Sunday, June 21 and running through August 2, 2015.

This unprecedented collaboration marries Eastern and Western art, Northside and Southside Chicago communities, and the well-established Zhou B Art Center with the newly emergent Ed Paschke Art Center, which marks it's one-year anniversary June 22, 2015.  

Journey to Art: Ed Paschke and Zhou Brothers reflects the adventurous artistic spirit that led these legendary artists on their creative journeys. It also references the early encouragement and friendship Ed Paschke offered the Zhou Brothers upon their arrival in the US in 1986, which they are symbolically repaying through this partnership with the Ed Paschke Art Center.

Image Credit: Zhou Brothers, China Series, 2007. Oil and mixed media on canvas, 60 inches x 42 inches.