Artist Residency with Luminarts

Artist Residency with Luminarts

Date: 3/2/2015 - 4/20/2015

 The Ed Paschke Art Center (EPAC) is pleased to present its inaugural Artist Residency, developed to provide Chicago artists with the time, space, and resources needed to pursue their creative work. We welcome Erin M. Chlagmo and John Metido to EPAC.

Echoing Ed Paschke’s Howard Street Studio re-imagination, these Luminarts Fellows will display finished work alongside transforming EPAC's Chicago Gallery into an “open studio.”

EPAC’s Artist Residency is inspired by Paschke’s own generous mentorship of countless Chicago artists throughout his career, and presented in partnership with Luminarts Cultural Foundation.

Erin M. Chlagmo is a fiber artist who manipulates the cultural references embedded in her materials to address issues of belonging.

John Metido is an oil painter who gives the centuries old trompe l’oeil technique a contemporary twist by depicting pop subject matter.

Image: Erin M. Chlagmo, Herniated Privilege, 2012. Found textiles, acrylic paint, gouache, PVA. 52 x 43 inches.